Night Talks is an alternative rock band based in Los Angeles, California. With vocals that are equal parts angelic and razor-tipped, bass and drums that drive, and powerful, shimmering guitars, they’ll remind you of the first time you stayed in your room all night listening to a record.


Bianka Bell: Soraya, what does it mean to “Play like a girl?”
Soraya Sebghati: To me it means to play with at least twice as much passion and drive. My reliance on emotion is more of an extra superpower than a hindrance, and I use it in conjunction with what people would call a more “logical” sense of intellect.

BB: What’s it like being the only female (but lead singer) in a male-dominated group?
SS: While it does honestly have its hard points, it’s mostly great. I have an awesome group of dudes who I do feel truly take the time to listen to me.

BB: How does your racial identity shape the content of your music? Does it at all?
SS: I wish it did more! I think on the first album it figured itself in subconsciously. I think it really contributed to a sense of isolation that I felt, and at the time I definitely couldn’t put my finger on it. Now that I’m more aware of my racial identity, I’m excited to see how it will show itself in my music.



BB: We see most bands today still being represented by white musicians. Night Talks is predominantly PoC. What’s that like?
NT: It’s still really surreal for us! We’ve started to realize more and more how white and male the music industry has been. We’re excited to break ground and inspire other non-white non-male people to do what we do.

BB: Do you think it affects your success or the way fans perceive you?
NT: So far it hasn’t really had an effect on any of that. Guess we’ll see what’s in store for the future.

BB: What genre would you place your sound in? Do you feel more embraced by certain communities than others?
NT: In terms of genre, we definitely fall under the alt-rock umbrella. It’s always hard to describe your own music beyond that. BUT we definitely have seen people from all sorts of genres embracing us, which makes us really happy.

BB: Which of your songs encompass the relationship of your band the most? Why?
NT: If we had to pick one, we would pick Drift. It’s a song that we haven’t released yet that’s on our upcoming album. It has nothing to do with the lyrical content, but it’s a song where we all shine at specific points and that it really showcases all of our strengths.

BB: What’s next for Night Talks?
NT: We have another single and video coming out, to be followed by an album release. We’re hoping to get out on the road soon and play shows outside of Los Angeles!



Check out Night Talks at http://nighttalkstheband.com/, and at https://www.facebook.com/NightTalksTheBand/.


Image by Alexis Sones

By Bianka Bell