Meet the Team



Bianka Bell: Co-Founder/Editor-in-Chief

Bianka is a 2016 graduate of Bard College, where she studied Politics. As QPoC with a multi-ethnic background, she is committed to social justice activism and the proliferation of intersectional visibility. Bianka holds an advanced interest in film, writing, and photography. Besides being a regular contributor to Oblivion, she has written pieces that have been represented by both Buzzfeed and The Establishment.

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Sabrina Sultana: Co-Founder/Editor-in-Chief

Sabrina Sultana is currently a student majoring in sociology at Bard College. As a Bangladeshi-Muslim-American raised in the South Bronx, Sabrina incorporates each aspect of her hybrid identity into her advocacy, writing, and research. Throughout her academic career at Bard, Sabrina has continuously aimed to raise awareness on issues like Islamophobia, perpetuation of stereotypes, cultural politics, identity, and racism on campus. Sabrina’s best friend is Bianka.



Adela Foo: Public Relations Director

Adela is currently majoring in Classical studies and Arabic at Bard College. As an American who grew up and spent most of her time in Singapore, Adela would love it if people stopped complimenting her on how “eloquent” she is and asking for her “real” name. Additionally, as one of the few/only people of color in her studies, Adela would love to see more inclusion and diversity, especially in the field of Classics.

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Paola Muñoz: Senior Editor
Paola is a feminista luchadora for intersectional social justice within academic spaces, hija de la Dominican Diáspora, and first-generation South Bronx native. She is currently a senior majoring in Human Development, and minoring in English, Inequality Studies, Latinx Studies, and Education at Cornell University. She is also the former co-head of the Advocacy Committee for the Office of Academic Diversity Initiative’s First in Class program — now serving as the First in Class Student Organization President — the Head Delegate for the Cornell Latinx Ivy League Delegation, as well as a Ronald E. McNair Research Scholar. She is the co-host of Cafecito con Chisme: Latinx Podcast, as well as the Senior Editor and Facebook Social Media Manager for Oblivion Magazine. You can find her other pieces within the HuffPost at or catch her facilitating for the Intergroup Dialogue Project (
Olivia Johnson: Graphic Designer
Olivia is currently planning on majoring in history at Bard. As a black person who grew up in the Deep South, she is very aware of racial issues. Although she hated almost every minute in Mississippi, she is grateful for the way that Southerners have shaped her personality, awareness, and debate skills. Olivia would absolutely love it if Mississippians would finally get over their loss of the Civil War and take the confederate flag out of the state flag. She’d also appreciate it if people would stop describing her as ‘white’ or ‘an oreo’ (black on the outside and white on the inside) and expecting her to take it as a compliment. She really likes cats.

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Skylar Wilson: Writer

Skylar is currently majoring in the Written Arts at Bard College. As an American with a Trinidadian background, she dedicates her time to exploring the meaning and dynamics of multiethnic identities through research and writing. On campus, Skylar is a member of the Bard Disordered Eating Awareness Coalition and maintains an interest in clubs such as, but not limited to, Colored Womyn United, Caribbean Students Association and Surrealist Training Circus.


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Alex Diaz-Albertini: Graphic Designer 

Alex is currently a student at Bard College planning to major in Film. Born in Lima, Peru and having moved every couple of years to a new country, she identifies, more than anything, as a TCK. During her free time she loves to have fits about how much she hates bigots and ignorant people.




Clara Levy: Junior Editor

Clara is currently a freshman at Bard College, with an intended major in psychology, and focus on gender and sexuality and human sexuality. In her free time she enjoys ambient noise music and taking care of her rats Sawyer and Hurley, who are obviously named after ‘Lost’ characters.


Grace Xuejing Li: Marketing
Grace is currently a sophomore at Bard College, majoring in Historical Studies and Economics. As a Chinese student on campus, Grace is interested in letting more non-American voices be heard. Grace has a wide range of hobbies; from jazz music to Argentine Tango. She is thankful to Bard for the opportunities it provides!
Jewel Evans: Marketing

Jewel is a Junior Computer Science and Music major at Bard College. She is a singer, coder and businesswoman, and the newest addition to the Marketing and Finance team!

Stephanie Wambugu: Writer & Researcher
Stephanie was born in Mombasa, Kenya and raised in Rhode Island. She is an intended Sociology Major with an Africana studies minor. She writes poems (and loves to read). As a queer person of color, she aims to make work that is inclusive, honest and gives voice to marginalized peoples.
Gloria Kimbulu: Columnist
Gloria Kimbulu is a senior advertising and public relations major at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, minoring in Spanish. She is from the Democratic Republic of Congo but was born in Spain and moved to the United States when she was six years old. She is passionate about issues relating to Congo, immigration, mental health, black women, race relations, sexuality, spirituality, intersectional feminism and womanism. She loves helping others, traveling and writing, and hopes to have a career where all three are possible for her.
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