Our Mission

As People of Color, it is critical to recognize and affirm the intersectional voices, cultures, and multidimensional identities in solidarity with one another.

And so, Oblivion magazine constructs social reality for people of color through personal anecdotes, poetry, art work, analysis of current events, photography, and more.

This magazine encourages a deeper awareness of issues and underlying attitudes that are often ignored or disregarded.

With compassion and respect for all, Oblivion strives to foster the public dialogue about complex racial issues to sow the seeds for education, advocacy, and action towards equity and justice.

Though we recognize that society can be oblivious to and selective with the perspectives it takes on, we hope this magazine provides the otherwise unconscious minds an opportunity to understand the importance of underheard voices.

And to those of you who have felt underheard, we empathize with you and hope this serves as a platform for  action.

With great excitement,

Bianka Bell & Sabrina Sultana
Editors-in-Chief, Oblivion