Artist Spotlight: #LoveHustle



“see here you mosaic being. brilliant. see how you are celebrated here. shown up for. gathered around and given permission to take up space.

there is so much to see here, it is one wide mirror. in one even wider world- that does indeed, have room for you.”

– Maya Osborne

#LoveHustle is a brand new series of the vibrant and soulful photography of street photographer and documentarian: Jen Diaz. The photographs are paired with brief #LoveHustle poems by poetess and Bard graduate, Maya Osborne. In the words of Osborne:

“#LoveHustle is an artcentric conversation about articulating how we each passionately pursue our dreams while living our best quality of life we can create for ourselves.”

New elements of the project will unfold as they continue to produce throughout 2016. It will capture the special moments of contemporary urban artists, their pursuits, and their varied dances of balancing life, love, family, dreams and relationships.


You can follow the project by staying connected through their official website,

& by following #LoveHustle on Instagram &/or Twitter


Bianka Bell

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