A Melanin Confession – “Racially Ambiguous”


“Most people are curious about what race I am, ‘cus I’m kinda ambiguous. So I’m used to people asking me, ‘what are you?’ Or, ‘what’s your ethnicity?’—stuff like that. But, this was a weird occurrence because this random person came up to me in Kline—this person I didn’t know at all—and she was like, ‘So, where are you from?’ And, I’m of two minds; on one hand, I don’t wanna discourage people from asking what I am… because it’s good to have open dialogue. But I also don’t wanna be a museum piece, ‘cus it kinda feels like I’m on exhibition; especially since I didn’t know this person at all… She didn’t even come up to me and say ‘hi’ or anything, she just asked ‘where are you from?’ And it’s not even like, where am I from, it’s like what’s my ethnicity—a totally different thing. So it was just really weird, and I told her ‘I’m from [insert city name here]’, but I could tell that’s not what she wanted… and that was kinda, like, it. You don’t wanna be friends or something? I mean, that’s all you wanted to know? It was weird. I guess I just wanted to share because I think it’s important for people to know how to ask that question… when you say it like that, it’s as if that’s the only thing you noticed about the person, or that’s the only part of them that you’re interested in.”

– Racially Ambiguous

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